AXIPower 320Wp

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Axitec, 320W Poly Solar Panel, 60 Cell, 1000VDC, 15A, Plug-In System, AC-320P/156-60S

The polycrystalline modules of the AXIpower series are the all-purpose choice among solar modules. Whether for rooftop or ground-mount installations, AXIpower modules with an efficiency of up to 15.98 % provide an outstanding energy yield and a great return on investment.

As a pioneer in solar, AXITEC dedicates itself to implementing the newest advances in the manufacturing of solar modules. Through long-term relationships in the industry, AXITEC has become one of the technological and economical leading manufacturers in solar.

All productions are subject to strict quality standards and are continuously monitored by neutral testing laboratories. Over the last 14 years, thousands of homeowners and businesses have put their trust in AXITEC and invested in their future. This is AXITEC’s commitment to the future of energy.Features

Highlights – 12 years manufacturer’s warranty, two more years than the industry standard. Highest performance due to specifically selected technologies and materials. Positive power tolerance from 0-5 Wp. Higher Guaranteed yield. Snow load of up to 50 psf. Stable module for long life in extreme conditions. 100% electroluminescence inspection. Mico crack and hotspot free modules. Higher stability and easier handling. High-quality junction box and connector system for a longer lifetime.

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Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 167 x 100 x 4 cm